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. breaking new, a shooting shuts down part of a peninsula freeway. and. >> this was to long, to late, and to loud. >> a city approved rabe in oakland brings hundreds of complaints mile away. why those behind the event say they did nothing wrong. . . and tens of thousands turn out for a high tech event. the big announcement oracle is making. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne.
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>> i'm heather hoppings. we start this 5:00 hour with breaking news out of san carlos where a shooting crash has shut down a portion of southbound highway 101. the police say an parent shooting victim was involved in a crash near the holly street exit. authorities say a vehicle was seen swerving before it veered off the roadway. we don't know the extent of the victim's injuries. the traffic is stopped in the southbound lanes and some people were standing outside of their cars. if we get more information on the breaking story we will of course bring it to you during the course of this newscast. now to developing news that we are following for you off the san mateo coast. the coast guard launching a search for two fishermen who went missing after their boat capsized. the accident happened at about 10:30 this morning about 20 miles south of half moon bay. two other people in the boat made it safely to shore.
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the missing pair are not wearing life vests. right now the coast guard and rescue team is hughes a helicopter and two boats looking for any science of the two men. >> san jose police investigating a brawl that led to the city's 34th home received received-- homicide of the year. when officers arrived they say they found a man with stab wounds. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. his name has not been released. the brawl reportedly involved as many as 30 people. >> police arrested a man in connection with a stabbing. a 57-year-old man was stabbed multiple times with something similar to an ice pick just after one. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening join ires. officers tracked down the suspect early this morning. they say he led police on a brief car chase before being taken in to custody.
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investigators believe the suspect and the victim knew each a. > al media residents say they were kept awake late last night by loud mice music by a rave held miles away. >> reporter: nearly everybody we talked to was bothered by the noise and as you said they aren't even around the corner from the coliseum. it's a full two miles that way. last night's beyond wonderful land event drew more than 19,000 people. not everybody was happy the rave went until 2:00 a.m. >> i was like when will it stop in i was very angry. we kept thinking by ten. >> reporter: she said her house rattled and the noise was annoying, even though they live two mile away.
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>> it was horrible. it was to long, late and loud. . >> reporter: here at steve's house also inial immediate a. >> shaking. i was shaking the medicine cabinet and you can hear the walls going. angry that it was an outdoor event that lasted until two. if it ended until 1 11 that would have been fine. >> reporter: hundreds of calls went into the police, nearly a thousand into spd. >> it's what young people want. it isn't going away. >> reporter: kevin is the event production manager. >> sound check we were measuring at 123db which is loud. it's as loud as a plane. >> reporter: he said the permit didn't include noise restrictions. >> you can put up -- once a year that would be fine. i promise not to do it every week. >> reporter: even people in oakland hills could hear it. alameda likely got it the
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worst. organizers say they were told to point the noise west, a lot of the residents want it gone next year or better controlled. we are live in alameda. >> more details on the beyond wonderful land event. the producer of the rave said the event is a multisensory experience which was brought together with interactive art, performances and state-of-the- art special effects and production design. they said it has been producing them since 1993. >> authorities in vallejo are getting help from the fbi and the atf to investigate that fire at the private law office of the vallejo mayor. they have called the fire an act of terrorism because davis is a high profile figure. the fire broke out around 1:30 yesterday morning. the office suffered significant damage and many of his client
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records were destroyed. >> happening now the 30th yearly oracle open world user conference getting started. 50,000 people are registered to attend. the areaa hound howard street is expected to be blocked and driver also likely experience delays. ceo larry ellison is scheduled to give the key note address this evening. it's expected to be a economic shot in the arm for city hotels, restaurants, cabs and retailers. >> really huge impact to the city. i think it brings a lot of revenue and we are lucky to have it. >> reporter: they are also expected to announce a mapping deal with nokia. open world runs through october 4th. > a air quality is forecast to be unhealthy for a third day in a row in the bay area leading officials to declare at spare the area alert for tomorrow. just like they did today they are asking people to avoid driving or using gas powered, barbecue and yard equipment.
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they are being asked to use public transit. temperatures in the high 90s possible again tomorrow which is the tenth spare the air day of the season. of course the calendar may say fall but it felt more like summer. an is live in livermore which was just a few degrees shave the record for this day. >> reporter: there was a classic car show here today and while the cars were cool, the car lover was hot and with temperatures in the high 90's people were forced to bring water and hats and shades when they could. with the sun beating down and temperatures shooting up, residents did what they could to keep cool. >> just go with it. i'm all wet. i will dry off. >> reporter: the fountain a way to keep the kids happy while adults checked out the day. the heat couldn't keep people away from the classic cars. >> looks like a good crowd. >> think it's -- we will probably be heading inside or doing something else. republican the temperatures near record setting here in
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livermore. perhaps the start of indian summer. firefighters say it should be a time of extra caution. both in terms of personal safety and fire safety. >> we are in a higher fire danger, normally this time of year we have the hot dry weather, we are lucky today we don't have the strong off shore winds we normally will start to experience >> reporter: they tell people to be careful and watch their health. when the temperatures heat up have you to stay cool. >> i wanted to try to kind of a protect as much as i can. >> reporter: of course some are welcoming the warm weather. at the marina family fest people were out in force. it's fall but they are breaking out the summer clothes and shake off the cabin fever. >> yeah. we -- ready for warm weather. we are excited. my little guy is playing and we are happy it's warm out. >> reporter: the record temperature here in livermore is 99 degrees set in 1952. we were two degrees shy of it
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today but not to worry it may be hotoer tomorrow. live in livermore. >> and temperatures continue to warm up across the entire bay area. today -- very warm from the coast to the inland spots, that's where we had the upper 90's. you can see one of the reasons the fog cleared out with the fog bank down to the south. around point conception. still mostly clear skies and warm to hot temperatures. as far as temperatures today. the 5:00 hour some neighborhoods warmed up a bit more. santa rosa mid90's. livermore last hour was 97 but going up to around record territory. with in the past few minutes, 99 livermore and san jose at 89 degrees earlier today. as far as temperatures right now it's still hot, still in the 90o's again.
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there is that 99 in livermore. concord 95, san francisco misting but mainly in the upper 70's. once again with this hot weather pattern in place air quality has been coming down. the spare the air day for tomorrow. the third day in a row unhealthy for the sensitive groups, the north bay, eastern district and the santa clara valley. around the moderate level. the on shore breeze near the immediate coast and bay. overnight first thing in the 50s to around 60. mild start for monday and another warm to hot day in the forecast for monday. that means temperatures inland approaching 100 degrees. i'm tracking a cooldown coming newspaper a few minutes. we will look at the time of that and when temperatures back down to the 70s and 80s. >> city leaders in richmond say they have big dreams for a green tech center and they need the city's biggest employer to build it. american people are going to
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get 90 minutes to look these two men in the eye. >> political heavy weights weigh in on the presidential candidates days from their first debate. who they say has the best chance to win over voters. >> and finding closure. a wisconsin community comes together in the aftermath of last month's deadly temple shooting.
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. newark police investigating a stabbing that sent a man to the hospital. police got a report of a stabbing at 11:30 on brooks dale drive. when they arrived they found a 37-year-old man with several stab wounds. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. shortly after the stabbing officers arrested a suspect. >> many people in richmond have been highley critical of chevron following that massive fire at the refinery. now we have learned the city will reach out to chevron hoping that the oil company
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will help the area in the community. ken pritchett joins us live from the bay with the tips that richmond is set to make. >> reporter: we are told that on tuesday the city council will ask chevron in a resolution to develop a new research center here in marina bay. it's a part of the city that -- the resolution describes as downtrodden but perhaps is on the mend. looking downtown richmond and you will seat signs, richmond welcomes ldnl. they were picked for a new campus. a major gift the city wants to build on with chevron. >> urging them to help create a -- a research campus in richmond and most particularly at marina bay. that's near where lawrence berkeley labs coming in. >> reporter: the city councilman said the idea is with the labs and chevron the bay could be a major green tech center instead of a collection of mostly empty office
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buildings. he said it would help the city and chevron. >> have a presence here beyond just refining. >> reporter: one significant tenant in the bay is chevron. they intended a major presence here but that changed after a plan to modern eyes the refinery was stuck in the courts. in a written statement they said it'll not be in a position to make any additional long term investment decisions in richmond until the renewable project is successfully permitted. the councilman said that is important as is the marina bay idea. >> keep pushing maybe we will see action. what they will introduce tuesday is a nonbinding resolution with no incentive. one of many suggestions on what chevron should do. a lot of suggestions we have heard, what chevron should do post fire. in richmond. ken pritchett. >> plans by pg&e to do a survey near the diablo canyon
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nuclear plant is causing controversy. pg&e wants to use large air guns to create sound waves to be used to make 3d maps of fault lines. some say those could affect animals in a nearby marine preserve. pg&e said it needs to do the survey to make sure the plant is safe in a quake. the utility said it needs more safety information after the disaster in japan. a fire fight between united states and afghanistan soldiers this weekend is undermining hopes of helping tensions between the allies. it started at a checkpoint after a mortar wept off. a united states soldier and american civilian were killed. officials are calling for calm. . >> the city of oak creek wisconsin finding strength in the aftermath of last month's deadly shooting at a temple. at oak creek high school this weekend students and temple
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members turned out to plant a garden filled with flowers as a gesture of unity. the garden will represent strength and diversity. >> it's really the life that comes, the rebirth of something great after something tragic. >> reporter: the community held a dinner last flight to raise money for those who are recovering for the families who lost loved ones. six were killed in that shooting. three were injured. the gunman then killed himself. >> in election 2012 news, all eyes on denver as romney and the president get ready for their first debate on wednesday night. romney insiders say the debate is important for the republican nominee who has had a rough few weeks on the trail. two former candidates predict romney will do well. >> reporter: the clock is ticking down to wednesday's debate with president obama and
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romney getting ready to go head to head for the first time and supporters weighing in on who is best prepared. >> i think both are excellent in their own way. you could argue mitt has had a lot more recent experience obviously. also, part of it depends on who is moderating. >> through at least 20 debates in the course of the primaries and gingrich himself just the other day said that he is the best debater. . republican said they think is he a great debater. >> reporter: romney used rob port man to act as his opponent while preparing for the debates and kerry played the role of romney's stand in. >> the president has a day job. he has been president and has not had the time to practice. all we hear about is how much romney is practicing, practicing, practicing. i think people should expect romney to come in very prepared, he will -- he will do very well because he has done well in all the debates.
5:19 pm
>> i think sometimes we expect a major breakthrough, you know -- the comment that doesn't happen very often. happened with regan, happened with regan and carter. i can't remember the last time there was one of these comments that grabbed everybody's attention because the candidates to well prepared. they are well scripted. >> reporter: on sunday the president headed to las vegas for a campaign event while romney went to church in massachusetts. ktvu channel 2news. >> more details now. the president arrived in las vegas this afternoon for an evening ralphly. recent polls have him ahead in nine swing states but nevada remains a tight race. after the rally he will go behind closed doors for more  debate prep. he fly into denver on wednesday. romney will fly to colorado tomorrow and rally supporters tomorrow night.
5:20 pm
he remarked today his debate partner, rob port man keeps beating him up in the mock debates but that he is look forward to the real debate wednesday night. >> new jersey governor predict that romney will win the debate and turn around the race. >> american people are going to get 90 minutes to look these two men in the eye and make a judgement act their visions for the future, their experience and their record and be able to say who do we trust the most to be the president of the united states during these challenging times? >> both need to convince voters in their own party to show up come november. analysis finds that only 1% of undecided republicans like romney while 8% of the undecide democrats said they like obama. you can watcall of the debates live here, our coverage of wednesday night's debate starts at six. a powerful typhoon hits
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japan. more images of the strong winds that threw suv's like toy cars. >> message from a church to a jailed russian rock band. what they say band members must do for clemency. if how your tax dollars are being spent and it has to do with a government conference here in the bay area. have you heard of the new dialing procedure
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for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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. the power of nature on disblay in japan when wind from a typhoon carried a cara cross the parking lot. it hit souther western japan hurting dozens of people and causing power outages. it's expected to reach tokoyo late their evening and they are warning of potential rain and strong winds of up to 78- milance hour when the storm hits. in syria a suicide bomber blew up a car packed with explosives near a government compound killing at least four. they have largely stayed out of the up rising. there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blast. there are new reports of violence in several areas. >> reporter: reports that residents a neighborhood fled that neighborhood as mortar shells rained down in an
5:25 pm
intense attack by government forces. according to opposition activists other neighborhoods also came under attack. at least one video showed syria troops dispersing in a anti government neighborhood on sunday. the voice on the video describes an aassault on the neighborhood say that mass arrests had been happening shelling ha been taking place. the battle continued to rage. one video posted online alleged to show army members in a shoot out with the syria army. the video you see what appear to be rebels shoot around the corner of a building in a fire fight. while state media report that the government forces have targeted terrorists and their vehicles on sunday, opposition activists said that clashes between government forces and rebel forces had only gotten worse. >> in other news of the world tonight in iraq at least 32
5:26 pm
people were killed in a series of car bomb attacks. most of the attacks targeted security forces and pilgrims. however in one northern town four car bombs went off with in minutes killing four people. although violence has decreased in iraq since it's peak in 2006 and 2007 attacks have escalated again after the withdrawal of troops the country. in russia the russian church today called for clemency for three jailed members of the rock band pussy riot saying if they repent for their performance they should be freed. last month the women were sentenced to two years years. in february they preformed inside the church, pleading for the virgin mary to save russia from the president. in vietnam a race to the top. 300 international runners took part in a race up 1912 steps to
5:27 pm
reach the 72nd floor of a landmark tower. money raised will go to buy sports equipment for physically disabled athletes. no word on who won or how fast they made it up. >> traffic is going according to plan in los angeles. crews worked overnight and through today to troy a traffic bridge over one of the nation's busiest freeways. the southern received the bridge was torn down last year you may remember. demolition onto north side was completed today and clean up is now underway. now plan is to reopen the 405 by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. if not the contractor faces fines of $360,000 an hour. still to come we will have a recall of the top stories. >> i don't think there are many federal managers either care or understand how bad it looks. >> outrage over how the government is spending taxpayer dollars and a conference right
5:28 pm
here in the bay area at the center of the controversy. >> and assault allegations made by lindsey lohan. >> and the changes coming to some bay area transit agencies. >> the new i-pad app ready to down load. watch awful newscasts live and get drive time traffic, bay area weather and video of breaking news any time, anywhere. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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. recapping the top stories on this sun. the southbound lanes of highway 101 in san carlos back open
5:31 pm
after a shooting crash shut down part of the freeway. late this afternoon a shooting victim veered off the freeway near the holly street exit. authorities haven't released the extent of the injuries or details on the shooting. senate coast guard searching for two fishermen after the boat capsized off the coast. the pair who were not wearing life vests went missing at about 10:30 this morning about 20 miles south of half moon bay. two others made it safely to shore. a coast guard search and rescue team is using a helicopter and two boats right now looking for any sign of those two fishermen. police in the east bay received more than a thousand noise complaints during a rave last night in the parking lot of the oakland coliseum. residents in oakland, san leandro and alameda were kept
5:32 pm
up by the event that lasted until two. the organizer said noise is always an issue but asked for neighbors to be patient since it only happens once a year. >> a fundraiser about to get started for the family of a police officer shot and killed earlier this month. the fallen hero's group organized the event in honor of the officer. he was shot during a traffic stop on interstate 680 on september 4th. that fundraising dinner is set for tonight at six. we have learned investigators looking in to if your tax money was wasted at a major government conference in san francisco. the united states oversight committee is now reviewing that 2011 event. >> reporter: we have learn the local event isn't the only one being investigated. the commerce department has been asked to hand over documents about dozens of conferences attended by its employees since 2007.
5:33 pm
documents obtained by us under the freedom of information act reveal 59 conference employees attended the conference. it included a champagne reception and the event cost taxpayers more than $100,000 to send the workers here and to put them up. the united states house oversight committee has ordered them to hand over details of the event, the committee is investigating if tax money is being wasted sending to many workers to many conventions and meetings. in his are the chairman wrote agencies can't use taxpayer dollars to pay for vacations, hidden as conferences. no specific incidents were mentioned from the local event but others have included buffets, events at disney world, in one case time was set aside for a trip to the
5:34 pm
pittsburgh zoo. at this fisher are you conference they put in time for a swing dance event. >> i don't think very much federal managers either care or understand just how bad this looks to the rest of the country at a time when everybody is under pressure economicly. >> reporter: agencies have been pressured to cut back on conferences and meetings after a scandal exploited this spring when news came of a nearly million dollar throw down party in vegas for employees of the general services administration. >> here are more details. the commerce department gave a statement regarding that controversy saying it's committed to being good stewards of taxpayer dollars including in various meetings and conferences. >> tomorrow the united states supreme court starts it's new term with one case of special interest to california. today six of the nine justice as tended the red mash in washington there. were prayers for wisdom and
5:35 pm
inspiration. the justices face an interesting docket of controversial cases. they may decide whether to hear the appeal of proposition 8. that's california's gay marriage ban that was overturned by the 9th circuit. other cases include the defense of marriage act that the obama administration won't defend. also if nigerians may sue shell oil for alleged human rights and bosses and if the university of texas based a denial of admission on a whitable cant's race. starting tomorrow bring your own bag or an extra dime. the check out bag ordinance goes into effect on monday. stores must give up plastic and offer paper. customers will have to pay ten cents a bag if they forget to bring their own. restaurants and bakeries are excement exempt until next year. >> a 28-year-old faces murder
5:36 pm
charges in the death of michelle lei. she went to high school with her and later prosecutors say she grew jealous of the girl blaming her for her failed relationship with a former boyfriend. michelle vanished from a nursing class. her body was found moss months later. >> closing arguments companied to start tomorrow in the trial of a former crime lab tech accused of stealing cocaine from work. debthe san francisco da dismissed hundreds of criminal case that were based unnested from that lab and shut down the facility for a time. if convicted she could face up to four years. >> the governor today signed a bill written by a san francisco lawmaker that aims to give convicted murders a second chance at freedom. the state senator wrote the legislation. it applies to inmate who are serving life sentence its for
5:37 pm
murders committed while they were juveniles. it lets judges reduce nonparole sentences to 25 years to life if the inmate shows remorse and is taking steps toward rehabilitation. currently there are 309 inmates serving life without parole sentences for murders committed as juveniles. >> police in new york say lindsey lohan was physically assaulted in a hotel room by someone allegedly trying to take pictures of her. the associated press said a source confirmed that the actress was involved in incident early this morning and that a suspect was arrested shortly after. she is not in the hospital and is cooperating the investigation. in atlanta police say they had to use pepper spray to break up a fight at the bet awards involving big names in hip-hop there. some reports say it started as a fight between two artists. officers broke up the despite had to use pepper spray.
5:38 pm
>> the bay area will have a few more public transsit options starting tomorrow. caltrains is adding two new trains and plans to restore four others. that were phased out during budget cuts. the expresser ace train is adding two new trips. and those who use bta buss in the south bay will notice upgraded service on the route that run as long stevens creek. >> hundreds turned out in sacramento to help union pacific railroaded celebrate it's 150th anniversary. on hand the last steam locomotive built for the railroad. it's on a 13,000-mile trip to mark the anniversary. there was plenty of other train related equipment for railroad lovers to explore. the president signed the legislation helping form the union pacific company back in 1862. >> i'm happy and a tiny bit
5:39 pm
jealous. lottery players pick the winning numbers in last night's super loto plus. those are 30, 27, 4, 3, 39, and the mega number, 3. one ticket was sold at the ocean supermarket, the other was sold at the oak's red and white store in clear lake oaks in lake county. officials say that they haven't yet heard from either one of the winners. the two will split the 28 million-dollar jackpot. officials say that nobody has claimed a mega millions ticket bought at fairfield on friday night. that is worth nearly $174,000. it was sold at the super service chevron station on central way in fairfield. the ticket has the number 6, 8, 14, 43, 56 and was missing only the mega number of 28. winners have 180 days the date of the draw to claim the prizes. still to come, the east bay city getting featured an a stamp. and the event that had people
5:40 pm
in san francisco, singing the blues but in a good way. >> and near record temperatures for parts of the bay area. will the hot weather continue through the workweek? mark has the answer in his complete bay area forecast. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made.
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. that's ken's kind of music. singing the blues today as part of the polk street blue's festival. one festival goer said listening is a different experience than having the blues. >> makes you feel good, happy -- being around, good music and enjoying everything. >> it's the third year for the free event that took over between california and market.
5:43 pm
>> got to live the blues to love the blues. not much blue on the weather map. a lot of red because it's hot. temperatures really soared today. in fact a few neighborhood around 100 degrees and always feels great in san francisco when it's up in the 80's and that happened this afternoon. the live camera showing you this. left portion of the screen we have future tour, show you fog normally but not the case, clear sykes, fog way down toward point conception. as we come in tighter closer to the bay area, mostly clear sykes, the numbers, it's 88 san jose, santa rosa, around 94, we have heat inland. concord 95 and livermore in the upper 90s, 99 degrees. as far as temperatures the numbers coming in from the weather center and a record out toward livermore. 100 degrees breaking the old record of 99. oakland topped out 86, pacifica, beautiful day near
5:44 pm
the immediate coastline. once that fog clears, pacifica at 70 degrees. forecast headlines, mostly clear skies, tomorrow more sun, another hot day and then the extended forecast. temperatures start to cool off. you will see that coming up in a little bit. high pressure remains in full command of the weather. we still have the off shore breeze. another warm to hot day for monday. that means beaches back up in to the 70s. inland neighborhoods on either side of 100 degrees. tomorrow could be slightly warmer than today. the hottest day of the period. here is the change. the weather system up toward the north and west. maybe just a slight cooling but not by much. wednesday, thursday and friday as this system moves in to northern california over the next few days. the forecast model showing you the fog, we could have a few patches, develop overnight tonight ino early morn morning. maybe a few patches near parts
5:45 pm
of the shoreline. the temperatures ranging from the 70s coast side, san francisco, once again back up to the 80s. lots of 90e inland and a place like livermore can be around 100 to 101. the forecast highs for your monday afternoon. santa rosa 94 degrees. it's hot out toward fairfield. 99. triple digit heat toward antioch. brentwood and livermore. oakland a beautiful day 85, san jose around 93. san francisco, another day lots of sun. forecast high, lower 80's. around 81. here is the look ahead. the five-day forecast, you will notice this temperature, slightly cooler, minimal cooling for tuesday but then the real cooling for wednesday, thursday, friday. with the weekend always in view. thinking about that. looks like a major cooling trend with a mix of sun and clouds, another warm day across the area tomorrow. pretty good. >> thank you. >> the work of an east bay photographer could soon appear on your envelope.
5:46 pm
the mail service has picked this striking image for its series of earth cape stams. this is an aerial view of salt ponds on the haywood shoreline or used to be. the photographer took it back in 1983. he will be at the haywood post office tomorrow as the stamp is launched. it cost 45-cents for the forever stamp. coming up the raiders try to make it two wins in a row facing off against the broncos. >> and the 49ers, they ground the jets with an amazing showing on defense. the complete run down of all of today's nfl action. sports wrap is up next.
5:47 pm
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5:49 pm
. good evening. welcome to early sunday night sport wrap. the 4thers weren't happy last week and after a whole week of stewing about it took it out on the jets. they mixed up on offense. collin -- at quarterback, rolls in to the end zone seven yards out. 7-0 early in the second quarter. nine different players, combined for 245 yards rushing. jets quarterback mark sanchez was pressured all day. gave up the interception to patrick willis in the third. the jets turned the ball over four times. still 10-0 with a -- gore finding the end zone with two yards outs and it's 17-0. the defense smothered new york. even when the jets got a short completion to holmes, slipped, injuring his knee and coughed
5:50 pm
up the ball. scoop up by rogers who has a convoy. 51-yards to the end zone. san francisco improving to 3-1 with a win that could have been a lot worse. play against manning and the broncos and you figure you will have to score points. the raiders weren't up to that challenge. manning and the broncos went on a scoring drive on their first offensive possession, kept it going all day with a lead. 15-yard play. 17-6. no substitute long snapper. caps off a very short scoring drive with a two yard run. the broncos on their way. 24-6 lead, a 21 point denver third quarter was complete when manning found lance ball out of the end zone.
5:51 pm
the chiefs -- the chargers at the other two -- pass tipped, picked off by san diego, donald butler, butler taking it back 21 yards to score. they went 37-20. 3-1 at the top of the division, one better than denver. tom brady in a panic in buffalo. you can read his lips. he can't find his helmet. they fell behind and reeled off forgive straight touchdowns. brady -- 25 yards and the score. new england -- next -- another example of how happy the referees to be back. maybe the vikings are pretty good after all. the ball five yards deep in the end zone. that will be a 105-yard return. vikings also got a 77-yard punt return for six. they are 3-1 after this 20-13
5:52 pm
win. the athletics have three games to play and could still be division champions, wild card or out of the playoffs. keep winning they will get it done as the increasing number of people are starting to find. the a's off to a good start against seattle. dumbdumb-walks, run hards to first. he will com around to score. he would get three hits on the day. one more run in the inning. made it 2-0. he struck again. times the shaun kelley pitch. that would make the number 23 on the year for the rookie. he is in front 3-2. more to come. after moss singled, josh redick in to the plate against kenny. only question, fair or foult. stays fair. . the a's sweep the series 5-2. their magic number for a playoff spot now, trimmed to
5:53 pm
just two. tonight count the a's out of the al west championship. two outs in the 9th hunter hit this gaper against the texas rangers while the ball rolls the angels court tieing lead run. 5-4 in the first game of the doubleheader. the a's are a game and a half out at first base and can be with in a game. good news and bad fort giants. houston street onto the night to try to nail down a pad rewin. pinch hitter, had other ideas, puts one over the fence for his first home run as a giant. then -- reached on the inslide single pence took street deep to the same part of the ballpark. they win. tim was shaky, giving up five runs in six innings of work. a come back for the ages on the final day of ryder cup play. we will be right back. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
. we said last night it would take a collapse by the outs team to fail to win the ryder cup and that's what happened. royy almost didn't make his tee time. he got there 11 minutes before he was supposed to tee off. apparently he doesn't need to warm up. chipping on the 5th hole against bradley. that will work. down to previously undefeated bradley, 2-1. 12 matches in all. poweller also chipping on his first hole against simpson. paul lowrie on the 4th hole. this follows the story line, it'll go in. it does. lowrie, beat brandt, 5-3. united states wasn't completely shut out. just seemed like it johnson with a long birdie attempt on the 6th hole. he get itself -- justin rose
5:57 pm
birdied 17 to even his match with mickelson. he then birdied 18 to win one up and the competition was even at 11 each. it was 12-12 when furick was putting at 13. misses the putt. they are in front 13-12. jason definer answers for the united states. his long birdie at 13. est beats hanson and it's tied at 13. came down to this. martin, making parr at 18 to beat stricker. one up, european tour, wearing a patch honoring the [inaudible] come back from a 10-6 deficit. out scoring the united states. they retain the cup. the same kind of come back in 1999. brad won the nascar race today. he is the points leader. we will run down all the baseball developments tonight at ten.
5:58 pm
see you then. >> lots of things. the a's -- they are right in the hunt. >> they are right there. three things could happen. they could win the division, be a wild card or not be in the playoffs with just three left to play. >> thank you. wewe continue with the news at ten. >> we will continue to follow the search for the two missing fishermen off coast. >> and what we have learned from investigators about this, the freeway shooting that we told you about earlier. it happened earlier today on highway 101. >> thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> and we are always here online at [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover,
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